Types of contraception in women

Every woman sooner or later the question arises: what are the best ways to prevent pregnancy? Maybe it is https://pillintrip.com/medicine/desirett?

Choosing the best method of contraception can be difficult: each of the existing methods has advantages and disadvantages, as well as contraindications.

The choice of contraception depends on:

condoms and birth control pills on a wooden background

On the age of the woman and the realization of her childbearing function;
the presence of certain diseases of the woman in the present and in the past;
the cost of contraceptives;
the personal preferences of the man and the woman and the convenience of contraceptive use.
To determine the most effective method of contraception, it is essential to consult a doctor, especially if it is a question of taking hormonal means or surgical methods of protection. After a thorough examination of the woman’s reproductive function, she will receive a number of recommendations regarding the method of contraception.

Classification of contraception methods
Methods of protection against unwanted pregnancy are:

Barrier methods.
Each of these contraceptive methods has different reliability.

A unified scale was proposed to determine the level of effectiveness of these contraceptive methods, so it is now generally accepted to measure the reliability of each method by using the Perl index. This index is characterized by the frequency of pregnancy in one hundred women using a particular method over a year. The higher the Perl index, the less effective the method of contraception.

The most effective method is surgical (sterilization). The doctor ligatures the fallopian tubes, which creates an obstruction. The Perl index in this case is 0-0.2.